Answer: You need to complete the tasks which will be provided by our website, and once you complete the tasks, you will be able to earn as many free Google Play gift cards as you want.
Answer: Minimum 1000 points are required. It will also depend on the amount of gift card you want to redeem.
Answer: No, we have a team of experts who take care of everything, and hence, it is not possible to hack the website.
Answer: If your account is suspended, you must have violated any right or policy, and that is the reason your account is suspended.
Answer: In order to reactivate your account, you must contact our support team, and one of our members will resolve your issue.
Answer: Yes, if you do not give your email address, you will not be able to earn points because we need to verify your account with the email.
Answer: You will receive the free Google Play gift card code in your registered email address.
Answer: That will purely depend on the number of tasks you complete and the number of points you earn. The more you complete and earn, you will be able to earn n number of gift cards.
Answer: If you have redeemed the gift card, give us some time. Our team will send you the gift card within two working days. If you still do not get it, do contact our support team.
Answer: For knowing how many points you have earned till now, you must check your profile section where the history will be given.
Answer: There is no specific task which will make you earn more points. If you want to earn points, complete all the tasks given.
Answer: If you do not believe us, you can try using it and complete some tasks. You can try it and know it by yourself.